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Mission & Vision 


Backed by the quality of our works, by our knowledge of materials and techniques, to discover and explore new possibile contacts  between art and technology, at all times never opposing in our projects and culture.



Forti della qualità dei lavori svolti, della nostra conoscenza dei materiali e delle tecniche, esplorare nuovi punti di contatto tra arte e tecnologia, quali aspetti mai contrastanti nei nostri progetti e nella nostra cultura.

The flow of images in the film/text presents an ideal bridge between the past and the future of our works: in different architectural environments and problem or detail dimensions (either big or pretty small) we have always been looking for the application of the same principles, principles that tight us firmly together beyond individual interests or experiments in the common love for buildings in the motto “ VIVERE PER COSTRUIRE”. Our firm was established in 1950 by Eugenio Gerli, who was joined in the 70's by his 2 sons Enrico and Guido. The main activity has always been architectural projects and industrial design. In the construction field our firm has been involved in the design of new buildings such as private villas, golf club houses, offices, banks and in the architectural project and decoration of prestigious stores not only in Europe but also in Asia and USA focusing in tailor made solutions. Our activity also included the renovation of historical buildings in Italy .

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